Kitchen Worktops

Splashbacks - Whats your purpose?

Why use splashbacks?

Splashbacks for kitchens are a great way to make the finishing touches to your kitchen. Most laminate worktop suppliers also offer splashbacks as part of their ranges so you can match up with your chosen worktops. Splashbacks are a great when it comes to cleaning down services as they are easy to clean and also if sealed well leave a water proof surface.

Splashbacks for kitchens are especially useful around any cooking areas, obviously around the hob is the obvious choice as your always going to get splashes of fat and food while cooking.. well at least I do. But maybe that's because I'm a horrible cook. Splashbacks for the kitchen usually come in two sizes, one is generally above the hob and is 1200x1500x8m and the other is for long runs at 3000x600x8mm these can be cut down to what ever size suits.

Splashbacks For Kitchens - How to fit Splashbacks.

There are a number of ways to fit splashbacks and all of them vary in difficulty. I have recently fitted splashbacks for my kitchen and I used silicon to stick then down. This is not the easiest way but if done properly gives the best results. You will first want to cut your worktops to size, put them up to the wall and make sure everything fits. Then apply generous amounts of silicon(clear works best) to the areas of the wall which it will be fitted to. make sure you go around all the edges and then cover the middle as well.

A a side not make sure you open a window while doing this as the silicon fumes can get a bit too much. Once you have done this push on the splashback, and try and fix the splashback to the wall until it is set. The best way to do this is to cramp pieces of wood to the worktops or the units pushing the splashback back to the wall, be sure to make sure everything is pushed back as firm as possible.

Leave this for 1-2 hours and then everything should be fixed solid and you can move on to your next one, its a timely process but i feel that it is often the best way.

Another method for fixing splashbacks for kitchens is buying a fixing kit. this are available from most DIY stores and involve fixing clips to the wall that the splashbacks fit on to, In theory this sounds like a good idea. The problem is this method only really works well with perfectly flat walls and most often they are not. Also the clips are a bit fiddly too.

A final method is to screw the splashbacks to the wall and then cover the screws with caps. This is by far the easiest method but I find having the screws/caps in view looks a little "DIY"

Which ever method you choose just take your time and double check before you make cuts. It can be tricky when your trying to make you kitchen splashbacks fit between units and the same time make a hole for electrical sockets/switches.